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Video from the Director of Education

March 27, 2020 -- Parents, Guardians and Students.

Here is a video from Director of Education, Greg Enion, that briefly describes what to expect in the next few weeks as Regina Public Schools returns to providing learning opportunities for all students.

Starting Monday, March 30, 2020, school education professionals and administration will begin to contact school families with specific return to learning information.

Please continue to watch this website, as well as the websites of all our schools for updates and details as they become available. 

French Book Donation

Our Kindergarten to Grade 2 classrooms were gifted with $1200 worth of French books from our friends at Plains Midstream Canada. The company generously donated the books for teachers to have in their classrooms so that students will always have access to French books. Mme Diewold took on the challenge of sorting the books into groups so that each class will receive  books that match their literacy goals. And then, the books will be added to collections and cycled through classrooms so everyone has a chance to read them.

Marker Recycling Program

Every June, students come home with pencil cases full of markers that are dried out from so much use, or worse- whose lids have mysteriously vanished! Well, Ecole Centennial School and the SCC have partnered with Crayola's Marker Recycling Program to keep those well used markers out of the landfill! In the library, students can bring any types of markers (regular kind, dry erase, permanent, washable, etc) and drop them off in M. Marqueur near the check out desk. At the end of the year, the SCC will send all the recyclable markers to Crayola.