Ecole Centennial Safe Re-Opening Package

Hello Cougar Families!

M. Levesque and Mme Rugg have been working very hard to ensure that all of our students will return to a safe school this fall. M. Levesque has emailed out the Safe Re-Opening Package to parents. Please take the time to review the package.

Some quick take-aways:

1. Masks are mandatory for all students in Grades 4-8. Masks are strongly recommended for students in Kindergarten to Grade 3.

2. Masks are mandatory on all buses for Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Marker Recycling Program

Every June, students come home with pencil cases full of markers that are dried out from so much use, or worse- whose lids have mysteriously vanished! Well, Ecole Centennial School and the SCC have partnered with Crayola's Marker Recycling Program to keep those well used markers out of the landfill! In the library, students can bring any types of markers (regular kind, dry erase, permanent, washable, etc) and drop them off in M. Marqueur near the check out desk. At the end of the year, the SCC will send all the recyclable markers to Crayola.

Absences Add Up!

Did you know?

1. Being on time for school sets your child up for a great day of learning.

2. Even in Kindergarten, absences can cause children to fall behind in their learning.

3. Missing 10 percent (or about 18 days) can make it difficult to learn to read – a critical future skill.